Divine Balance

Justice is divine balance – the divine balance of light and love.  Justice is therefore Perfection.

  • Where there is imperfection – there is injustice.
  • Where there is lack or limitation – there is injustice.

The Goddess of Justice encourages us to be “just to ourselves” as we show up to Life:

  • Be just to our Mighty I Am Presence that stands above our human forms that gives us life;
  • Be just to our bodies and the great elementals, the tiny fiery beings of which our physical forms are composed;
  • Be just to the powers of nature and the forces of the elements that make up Mother Nature and;
  • in general to be just at all times to all life outside of us.

The Creator bestowed upon us a divine birthright of unlimited love, joy, happiness, creative self expressive and abundance of all good things. It is time to claim and be one with that birthright and to give physical evidence of the divine paradigm that is ours in the 7th Golden Age.

As Saint Germain has decreed… Perfection is our only Predestination.