Canada’s Destiny

“Oh Canada. Rise a knight and become again the Golden Throne of Justice to this world that you were millions of years ago. Oh Canada, find your will, find your Flame of Justice and allow yourselves to grow within a constructive intolerance to injustice and allow your flame to radiate this feeling of absolute intolerance to injustice.  And then, this shall be your gift to the world that all may hold within their hearts an unwillingness to be tolerant of injustice, that the great scales of justice may weave their presence through the human mind and the human feeling side of life.”
Lord Asun as transmitted by the Accredited Messenger Usa of the Radiant Rose Academy
Once upon a time….long ago….the Heartland of Canada was the Center of Justice for a nation that extended from the north pole all the way down to the south pole. The etheric record, the etheric flame under this  former city called Justinia is rising again and propelling Canada forth to fulfill its divine plan and divine calling as Justice to this world.