Goddess of the White Fire

I come to you first, known to the Ancestors of the First Peoples as White Buffalo Calf Woman, and then I come to you that is the Rising of the Third Sun for where my peoples came as the Goddess of the White Fire. As I come to you my opening moment is to visit your heart in silence.  My People have been given many names by your kind and yet I say to you—it is time you know a thing, that what you call and ought to call with respect and with reverence the First Peoples of the lands of Liberty of America, you ought to know a thing.

We come from the same sun that sent forth Emmanuel to your world; we come from the Golden Shrine Galaxy. This is the Galaxy of the King of Kings; this is the Galaxy of Uncountable Suns. The First Nations of your world came from the Golden Shrine Galaxy from the Third Sun of Uncountable Suns.

This is the system that the King of Kings – Emmanuel came from. When I come to you – I tell you, I visit your heart first, for my People came to your world, and they came with the Purest Heart – so pure, and today their hearts are scorched with what has been in your world.  I see such growing pure hearts and I say to you, who have come of a better understanding of my kind, I come first as White Buffalo Calf Woman and say to you – who will speak for the ones Emmanuel called ahead of him? He is the King and he is forever a wise one and before he came, for thousands of years, he sent his People from the Third Sun of the Golden Shrine Galaxy to prepare the lands that today you know as the three Americas. The three Americas and America would not be the heart of the world if it had not been that Emmanuel sent ahead of him those of the purest heart to populate these lands and to open the  way for the great I Am Race to find their way back to God – through the heart.

I am here because I escorted those of my kind to come to your planet and I have heard their pleas for help and to be raised out of the tragedy of darkness. When we came, we came with our Buffalo and we populated the land, for the necessary protein our bodies required did not exist on your planet. When we came, we came with the White Fish and we populated your streams and your rivers, for these white fish had the protein that my People required and that your planet did not have. I have come in the last three thousand years. I came first to speak to the Old Ones amongst our People and to tell them the migration of the I Am Race to the new lands was to begin and the old medicine women and the old chiefs – they knew the Europeans would come.

I came again to nurture their hearts of which the people of the old country carried with them. I came again to bring gifts to my People to relieve them and to support them for their time to leave your planet had not yet come.  Today there are those in America who have opened their hearts and there are those of you who lead the way in having such active hearts. You come to resurrect  yourselves, to resurrect your own kind, yet I say to you – you cannot do this without the resurrection  of those who came to secure and hold pure the lands that each of you might evolve  yourselves free of the old world and the darkness that spread across the lands. I am here today because the call to my People to return to the Third Sun of the Golden Shrine Galaxy of the Ascended Jesus Christ begins now.

Yet for this – there must be those of you of the Great I Am Race. You have come from the greatest of all suns  – the Central Sun and as such you have authority and it is time for you to pick up and use this authority –  for you the I AM Race are of the Central Sun and you have the authority to speak on behalf of those who came with pure hearts.

I say to you the Great I Am Race of the Central Sun – take up this call and command the Resurrection and the Life of the Pure Heart through the power of the White Fire come unto all who carry the bloodline of those of the Third Sun. Bloodlines have been mixed. They have been blended.  This too was part of the plan. Not all will come home to the Third Sun. Many have united with the I Am Race and when they are given the Pure Heart –  they will stand with the Elementals and they will assist all of you in your own Resurrection. I ask you as White Buffalo Calf Woman, who escorted my people to your earth long ago – I ask you to speak in the great Name of God that is yours I Am and demand the Resurrection and the Life of the Pure Heart of the First Nations Peoples through the power of the White Fire.

This will give us and those who come with me, and those who have been given their Ascension within my People, to work alongside your Ascended Beings to resurrect the heart. Only the Resurrection of the Heart will relieve of the heart of the terrible fear, of the depressions and the great wounds and suffering.

You are the I Am Race. As white Buffalo Calf Woman, I ask you to use what God has given you. God has given you another chance. God has given you the resurrection. God has given you our leader.  My People have always loved Emmanuel and have known him for a far longer time than the formation of any religion in your world. God has given all of you the resurrection and I say to you- this gift that is upon your life now will increase if you will do as I have asked.

Excerpts from her discourse to students in Edmonton, Alberta
Sunday June 5, 2011 via Accredited Messenger Usa of the Radiant Rose Academy

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