Goddess of Justice

I say to you, in these modern days, as the peoples of earth continue to move out of the shadows of darkness and modernization and civilization transforms peoples lives. My sister the Goddess of Liberty stands with the Mighty Saint Germain in clearing the United States of America of all darkness that has touched those lands. I stand with each of you and the Canadian people for the Justice that must begin to unfold.

There are many who have said truthfully from the realms of light where we exist – there shall be no Liberty, there shall be no Freedom if America and the American people do not find their hearts and birth the flame of Liberty and Freedom to make America that shining place of Liberty and Freedom to the world.

I say unto you – it is the same – as there shall be no Freedom and Liberty to this world if it does not begin again in America.
I say to you, I say to you…. I am the Goddess of Justice and there will be no Justice in this world without tremendous demonstrations of Justice in your great nation. Oh Canada we know thee…we know the Divine Order and the Divine Plan, we know of what have been these lands of the three Americas – we know what was here millions of years ago, we know of the clearing of the lands of America, of ancient worlds and the arrival of those precious hearts known as indigenous and First Nations peoples to hold these lands free and sacred from the machines and darkness of war that would march over Europe, Asia and Africa. And what would ultimately be the resurrection of the three Americas that would stem the tide of darkness that is in this world. Yet there will be no stemming of any tides of darkness if North America and then Central and South America do not find their way back to the light.

Many come from the Ascended Realms to stand with the American people to release the light into their hearts and to guide them back to a nation that was intended to be a tremendous land of freedom and to teach the peoples of the world….Yet Canada I say to you, how can there be Liberty, how can there be Freedom if there is no Justice.

I say to you and all of you that have found a love for this great nation and those of you that are doing everything that you can to awaken yourselves from the horrific superstitions, religious beliefs and educational and cultural beliefs that saddle an individual with such limitation and poverty and injustice.

I say to you, I the Goddess of Justice will come upon you and I will enter my flame into every Canadian heart and into every heart that loves Canada and recognizes that this land is the Crown of the three Americas. And upon her crown are great gems that are intended to grow in the hearts of the Canadian people. These peoples who are to grow a great desire within themselves – intolerance to injustice.

We watch the events in your world – we have watched recent events. Our watchful eye goes back to the days of the early explorers and all that has been the suffering while the United States of America has a destiny that many dark forces have tried to thwart.

Oh Canada..I the Goddess of Justice so desire to serve all of you. I would daresay that thou art the most interesting nation in this world – a nation of peoples that have come from all over the world , a country of  many nations and by nations I speak not of these obvious provinces and territories but whole nations of people who have gathered under one flag and who all – no matter what skin, what color, what culture shall rise.

I offer to every Canadian Heart the projection of the flame of Divine Justice – yet I must warn you that if you accept this, if you allow me and my own legions of angels to enter into your homes while your physical garments rest at night – if you allow us to place our flame of Divine Justice within your hearts, it shall cause a new desire to grow within you – a desire where you will not be tolerant to the injustices.

Mother Akasha knew well in encouraging this Messenger to come to Saskatchewan – these lands millions of years ago were tremendous cultured gardens, streams and fountains –  for right across the river where there exists the University of Saskatchewan was the great seat of government, the great Cathedral of Divine Justice that reigned over what back then  – millions of years ago – from the north pole to the south pole – was one great mighty nation and that nation  long ago was the first great nation of the arrival of the peoples of the earth who were the I Am Race… who had come from the greatest star in our universe – from the center of the universe – the Great Central Sun.

The arrival of the people of earth – of course you were not called human beings back then – you were called and you remain even though you do not refer to yourselves as such – you knew you were the I Am Race. One race, individualized of the Divine Mind of Godsource, the Divine Heart and Soul of Godmother  – one race fully united arriving in Philadelphia and over one million years building up this great land. This was over 14.5 million years ago.

Modern archeology, changes upon our planet, discoveries are  leading many to find and determine sacred sites and the sacred peoples that have once been on this planet…

We have just begun… The 7th Golden Age has just begun…..

Excerpts from her discourse to students in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Friday January 25, 2013 via Accredited Messenger Usa of the Radiant Rose Academy

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